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You will lose the 2024 elections if the E-levy is passed; Alban Bagbin warning To the NPP


The Speaker of Parliament, Right Honorable Alban Kingsford Bagbin hosts exhorted the administering New Patriotic Get-together against the entry of the petulant government-proposed E-demand. In a video shared by TV3 Ghana on their authority Facebook course of events, the Speaker of Parliament said the NPP will lose power if the E-demand goes through. As per him, ideological groups in Ghana lose races in light of the fact that their arrangements are generally party-focused and don’t address the interest of the Ghanaian public. So to him, the New Patriotic Party ought not be shocked to lose the 2024 races in the event that they can pass the E demand since most Ghanaians are against it.

“We (ideological groups) vote ourselves out of force, which my partners in the NPP are doing now. So don’t be astonished if in the following races you don’t win. It is extremely clear, if this your E-demand goes through, you have lost the races”, he said.
Right Honorable Alban Bagbin additionally emphasized that he will do nothing to baffle the exercises of the public authority, and neither will he be a task kid to the chief in his ability as the Speaker of Parliament. As far as he might be concerned, he considers his situation to be an advantage to impact changes the will carry improvement to the great individuals of Ghana. He vowed to release his obligations to the assumptions for the Ghanaian public.

“I will do nothing as a Speaker to hinder the matter of government, never will I permit myself to be utilized as a task kid of any president, it will not occur. I have been offered an advantaged chance to carry a change to help the great individuals of Ghana. I promise to do only that”, he added.

Alban Kingsford Bagbin further noticed that, he can’t be faulted for the fight that broke out in Parliament. He clarified that age is making up for lost time with him and subsequently restricted in things he can do. He focused on that he demonstrated in his end comments that he was depleted and expected to return home later he dealt with the day from morning to later 10 o’clock.

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