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Trending Video Of A Lady Captures Enjoying Frog Meat [Watch]


Viral video sighted by Africacoverage has captured a young lady believed to be in her early twenties enjoying soup with frog as her source of meat.

It was previously that we heard that, those who eat such meat are far away from the African continent but base on the complexion of the lady, AfricaCoverage can confirmed that the lady is from one of the African countries.

In the video, she was seen happily enjoying the soup made up of frog meat and she was also seen communicating with someone closer to her.

asked many comments and opinions from the users of internet. Some of the netizens are saying that, the lady should stop eating such meat because it is not the favorites meat of Africans. Some are also saying that it might not be the first time of she eating the frog meat so it might be okay for her.

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