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They are tax evasion ninjas: Kelvin Taylor requests responsibility after these issues sprung up


Kelvin Taylor has requested responsibility from the Npp after he affirmed that there is a current illegal tax avoidance measure going on in government. Kelvin Taylor uncovered today that the majority of the things government is telling Ghanaians are lies. He thinks the public authority needs to make more reports to the whole nation and address the nation as they accomplished for the Coronavirus time frame.

During the pandemic, the Npp and Nana Addo tended to the nation again and again and Kelvin Taylor says that isn’t what is fundamental. Kelvin Taylor guarantees the monies taken from Woyome explicitly is an issue of interest and ought to be an issue important to the Npp and the country. His justification for saying this was that the cash was taken and resources of Woyome were seized yet there was nothing to show for it.

However, from that point onward, the public authority has imagined as though they don’t know that they personally have taken the cash and subsequently they are expected to let Ghanaians know the cash utilized for. The Npp are bad and they are illegal tax avoidance ninjas, Kelvin Taylor blamed the Npp for taking from government coffers and concealing it.

Kelvin Taylor made a ton of allegations against this administration and said the Ndc should come and capture every one of the bad people in government when they come to control since this is the best way to watch out for one another as Ghanaians. He says if the Npp takes, they ought to be brought somewhere near the Ndc and if the Ndc ought to likewise take, they ought to be brought somewhere near the Npp.

Kelvin Taylor additionally said that he as of now would not like to take both side An and side B. Since what he believes is that this administration has bombed Ghanaians and therefore, they should remain in resistance however long they can for the Ndc to come and keep up with the country.

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