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The rush to 2024: It is composed that Mahama will win the following races; Toobu Lanchene proclaims


Individual from Parliament for the Wa West Constituency and a main individual from the resistance National Democratic Congress, Lanchene Toobu has declared that it is composed for the previous President, John Dramani Mahama to win the following decisions to be held in the country. As per the lawmaker, the 2020 banner conveyor of the National Democratic Congress will be compensated for his resistance in the 2020 races. He kept up with that, notwithstanding the serene idea of John Mahama, Ghana might have encountered political unsteadiness after the 2020 decisions.

He clarified that the irregularity in the outcomes announced by Jane Mensa is sufficient for Mahama to dismiss the outcomes, nonetheless, Mahama tolerating the outcomes won his honor. He added that, however there were allies of the previous president who said he ought not acknowledge the result of the outcomes, he just let it go.

“… God ought to secure Mahama. It is composed that come January 2025, he will become president in Ghana once more. We had races in Ghana for quite a while, yet what occurred in the 2020 races, the irregularity in the outcomes, notwithstanding his quiet nature, something untoward might have occurred in Ghana”, he said on TV XYZ.

Lanchene Toobu additionally attacked the New Patriotic Party. He brought up the administering New Patriotic Party bamboozled individuals of Ghana with mottos to give them four additional years to support them. He called attention to that, only one year into Nana Addo’s second term of office and Ghanaians can’t bear the difficulty. He added that it is in the second and third year of Nana Addo’s second term of office that Ghanaians will know the four years the NPP mentioned for will be for literally nothing.

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