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The President is utilizing the Ghana card to quiet the Voltarians and stay in power-Kevin Taylor


The Loud Silence Media CEO, Kevin Taylor has by and by gone hard on the current organization of this administration. As indicated by Kevin, the President is utilizing the Ghana card as the main means to do nearly everything in the country. He clarified that, a great many people who wouldn’t enroll for the Ghana card are those in the resistance and are in the Volta area. Hence, the president needs to utilize the Ghana card to stay in power for quite a while.

He additionally clarified that, for what reason must government acknowledge just Ghana card as the main enrollment for the 2022 elector ID cards while other similarly significant cards are accessible. This is on the grounds that, the Ghana card was enrolled with different cards, for example, Old citizens card, Driver’s permit and visa. He said any of these cards can be utilized in the appointive cycle and not the Ghana card as it were.

This comes after the Electoral Commissioner suggested that, the Ghana Card will be the main card for the 2022 citizen enrollment.

“This is something reasonable that the president needs to control the decisions and quiet a specific clan or gathering in the nation and I will say it, he needs to quietness the Voltarians” He said.

Kevin Taylor is saying the president need to utilize this Ghana Card to leave his party and government alone in power for quite a while and quietness those that didn’t decide in favor of his party.

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