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Techiman South Election Petition Update: Lawyer For NPP Complains Bitterly, Ends Cross Examination


Legal counselor for the MP for Techiman South Hon. Adjei Mensah Korsah was unsettled with regards to the stance and disposition of one of the petioner’s observers whom he was interrogating. Attorney Garry Nimako grumbled that petioner’s observer 1 Hameed Bin Laden was offering him chicky and impolite responses. He needed to end his questioning yet not without griping to the court.

At the keep going sitting on second December, 2021, Counsel for the first Respondent (EC) couldn’t complete his Cross Examination of the Petitioner’s first Witness (PW1), Hameed Bin Laden and as such was expressed to progress forward Monday. Be that as it may, for starters, Lawyer Frank Davies actually disliked Hameed Bin Laden’s ability to affirm as a Witness. This met a stiffer resistance from Lawyer Teriwajah and in the end the Judge put the records on the right track that the court has as of now decided on that and would presently don’t dig into it. On that note, Garry Nimako Marfo Esq. proceeded with the Cross Examination.
QUESTION: The Pink Sheets of the Petitioner in the G&H series are not perceived by the second Respondent, would you say you are mindful?

Reply: The Pink Sheets of the Petitioner in the G&H series are the veritable Pink Sheets given to our Polling Agents by the Presiding Officers delegated by the second Respondent. Along these lines, without even a trace of naughtiness, the second Respondent remembers them.

QUESTION: I put it to you that the Pink Sheets you have in the G and H series were not thought about by the second Respondent at the hour of the affirmation of the outcomes, is that not really?
Reply: My Lord, Counsel couldn’t have been all the more off-base. The Returning Officer for the second Respondent didn’t do any Collation in any case yet rather composed the purportedly announced figures from his head on an A4 sheet for affirmation. So he was unable to have thought about any Polling Station Results. This is apparent from the way that the figures purportedly announced don’t count with the figures from the individual Polling Stations on the second Respondent’s own Form 1C.

QUESTION: These Pink Sheets in the G&H series are simply known to the Petitioner, is that not really?

Reply: My Lord, Counsel is a long way from right. My Lord, the second Respondent has as of now conceded 3 out of the 9 Polling Station Pink Sheets documented by the Petitioner. These 3 are K011104, K011504 and K012904. The inquiry thusly is: If the second Respondent can arrive at this Court with Pink Sheets concurring with what the Petitioner has documented, for what reason did the Returning Officer change the Results on the Form 1C? As far as the leftover 6 Polling Stations, when they are contrasted and the Presidential Election Results, it is the Petitioner’s Pink Sheets documented in this Court which seem OK. Those Pink Sheets which the second Respondent is presently presenting just make “Kwaku Ananse stories”
Attributable to the last response, lead Counsel for the first Respondent, Frank Davies Esq. rose and contended firmly against the lead of the Witness, Hameed Bin Laden which as indicated by him is an indication of lack of regard to the Court. Legal counselor Davies in this manner supplicated that the Lawyers and the Court ought to resign to Chamber yet the adjudicator declined and rather encouraged Counsels to meet at the Bar. Equity Frederick A.W.K Nawurah further advised the Witness, Hameed Bin Laden to cease from bantering with the Lawyers and furthermore attempt to stay away from the chicky responses however much as could be expected.

Shockingly, Lawyer Garry Nimako Marfo declared in open Court that by ethicalness of the discourtesy shown by Hameed Bin Laden, combined with his chicky responses, he would basically end his Cross Examination.

The case was deferred to Monday, tenth January, 2022 in the forenoon.
The Wenchi High Cout is hearing the political race request brought before it by the NDC parliametary possibility for Techiman South Christopher Bayere Baasongti on Monday. Mr Bayere battles that the Electoral Commission didn’t group results from all the surveying stations in the Techiman South constitituency prior to proclaiming Martin Adjei Mensah Korsah as MP choose.

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