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“May God Send The Devil To Visit You”– T.T. Condemnations.


“Do I welcome illnesses? So that if at a point in time I get hit by a hazardous illness, and sickness removes cash. Individuals have constructed chateaus, infection has removed them, individuals have purchased vehicles, sicknesses have removed them”. These were the specific expressions of a noticeably irate veteran entertainer Psalm Adjetefio who has been in the news recently on account of his call for help because of his failure to pay for his lease.

The beneficial thing about his circumstance was that, after the video of his became famous online, numerous Ghanaians went to his guide, including the second noble man of the land, Dr. Bawumia.

In the middle of these different occasions however, many individuals offered their viewpoints via web-based media. Lamentably, some blamed the entertainer for carrying on with a daily existence which didn’t fixate on building a future. Normally, such proclamations would get anyone in T.T’s. position upset.

In responding to those assertions, the actor,visibly irate, expressed that no one has command over ailment and since treating dangerous illnesses cost truckload of cash, as in his circumstance, even individuals with chateaus and vehicles might wind up selling all they need to treat themselves.

He asked the individuals who had nothing significant to say to quiet down. He went a bit outrageous clearly from outrage to lay revile on such individuals by saying that he trusted God permitted Satan to visit such individuals for them to know how it seems like.

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