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Kelvin Taylor Response To Sam George That You have mess up


Today, Kelvin Taylor slid on Ghanaian legislator, Sam George over his response to the news that the National Communication Authority had endorsed the permit of Radio Gold and XYZ. As per Kelvin Taylor, Sam George’s appreciation to Ursula Owusu and Kennedy Agyapong was unnecessary. Kelvin Taylor clarified that Sam George was acting childishly on the grounds that it was wrong to thank somebody who was to blame. Kelvin Taylor noticed that Ursula Owusu was the one expected to say thanks to Ghanaians for not showing against her. Kelvin Taylor connected Sam George’s adolescence to the meeting he allowed to Larry Madowo on CNN.

Sam George’s

As per Kelvin Taylor, Sam George’s reactions to the inquiries presented to him were not the right reactions. He uncovered that Sam George’s reactions were preferably assaulting a country that was undeniably more evolved over Ghana. Kelvin Taylor revealed that he was quiet over this issue on the grounds that Ghanaians were then adulating him. As per Kelvin Taylor, Sam George didn’t merit the commendations since he inadequately performed during the meeting and rather decided to in a roundabout way assault the Kenyan columnist and USA. He intensely expressed that Sam George had screwed up no doubt and all things considered, must smarten up.

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