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Is Mahama the genuine ‘signifying’ of quietude?


It is very amusing for the admirers of Mahama to make a feeling that previous President John Dramani Mahama turned the fortunes of the country around during his residency in office basically because of his unparalleled modesty.

The critical inquiry we ought to represent the Mahama acclaim vocalists then, at that point, is: since when did modesty turn into a device for financial change?

Allow us to confront it, it is never a fact that during Mahama’s administration Ghana was evaluated among the best economies on the planet.

The reality anyway stays that by far most of troubled Ghanaians, lamentably, wound up sad of neediness and properly casted a ballot against the NDC and Ex-President Mahama in the 2016 general decisions, to a great extent because of the unsettled business devastating dumsor, the wanton defilement (four individuals out of multitudinous suspects have since been indicted and condemned), and the unforgivable inadequacy (moved financial development from 14% in 2011 to a hopeless 3.4% and single-digit expansion to 15.4% by December 2016).

It is, in this manner, very strange for anyone to infer that Mahama gave uncommon administration through his alleged modesty and it is fairly Akufo-Addo who has supposedly wrecked the economy.

How might anyone recommend that Ghana’s economy under previous President Mahama (3.4% development and 15.4% expansion) was better compared to under President Akufo-Addo (8.6% development and 7.8% expansion)?

All the more thus, it is very bizarre for the fanatic allies of Mahama to radiate over and over that the previous president has an unrivaled modesty.

I don’t know whether there was anything lowliness about the revoltingly appalling ‘boot for boot’ remark by Ex-President Mahama following the Ayawaso West Wuogon occurrence.

The previous president was accounted for to have spilled his guts: “We won’t joke in 2020, and I’m sounding an admonition to the NPP – we will coordinate with them boot for boot. “I need to sound an alert that NDC has a progressive root and with regards to releasing savagery, nobody can beat us to that.”

Where was his quietude when he glaringly would not pull out the arrangement of John Oti Bless, who disgustingly rebuked the Supreme Court Judges to the wonder of Ghanaians?

The urgent inquiry then, at that point, is: was the ‘unassuming’ Ex-President Mahama on the side of the nauseating abuses and dangers on the prominent Supreme Court Judges?

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg things being what they are, the reason did the ‘unassuming’ previous President Mahama keep quiet over the Montie three despicable affronts and dangers on the Supreme Court Judges during his time in office?

Was the ‘modest’ Ex-President Mahama neglectful of the bare affronts and unnecessary dangers by the three Montie riotous imps on the famous Supreme Court Judges, and thus transmitting their sentences?

Justifiably, the flunkies of previous President Mahama could never concur with a few of us for continually deciding to investigate the current issues from the perspectives of the past. Yet, I am apprehensive we can’t figure out the present happenings on the off chance that we wouldn’t consider the previous occasions.

“History is an illustration previously however can likewise be the best lament of things to come. However the motivation behind why there is history is a result of the occasions that were made by man (Hughes 2010).”

Dearest peruser, what did the ‘modest’ previous President Mahama do when his then partner, Stan Dogbe, cold-bloodedly attacked a Ghana Broadcasting Corporation’s writer and malignantly harmed his sound recorder to the disdain of knowing Ghanaians?

I’m apprehensive, previous President Mahama’s highly promoted quietude is problematic, in a manner of speaking.

Take, for instance, in one of his incalculable public interviews during his time in office, Ex-President Mahama stunningly went on skipping by giving unnecessary unmistakable moniker to the then acting director of the NPP, Freddie Blay.

Incredibly, Ex-President Mahama wryly alluded to the man of honor as ‘OPANA’, (in a real sense signifies ‘miscreant’).

Unbeknownst to numerous Ghanaians, previous President Mahama can be antagonistic. Along these lines I think that it is truly hard to comprehend the reason why he has been given the sobriquets: ‘Modest, conscious, peacemaker and so forth To be very fair, I don’t think President Mahama merits those illustrative monikers.

The previous examination might appear to be trivial to a considerable lot of his theological rationalists. Nonetheless, President Mahama’s apparently deigning remarks on Alhaji Dr Mahmoud Bawumia during the 2016 electioneering effort truly uncovered his false reverence.

I review in one of his then ‘changing lives’ addresses, President Mahama snidely proposed that Bawumia had not been a president previously and in this way can’t upbraid inadequacy on his administration.

Peculiarly, in any case, previous President Mahama felt free to state that main our two previous Presidents, Kufuor and Rawlings have the family and hence may scrutinize him.

As per ‘humble’ previous President Mahama, the remainder of Ghanaians didn’t reserve the option to reprimand him and his administration since we have not sat on the official seat previously.

Clearly, such perspective is incredibly perilous and undemocratic and ought not have come from the lips of an unassuming president.

I review Ex-President Mahama went to Kumasi and named the whole individuals of Ashanti locale as careless parcels. He alluded to Ashantis as careless parcels who might never at any point be happy with gold plated streets. How peculiar?

Indeed, it was unique with respect to an as far as anyone knows humble President to denounce that all Ashantis are unappreciative.

I recall in one of the Parliamentary sittings, previous President Mahama had an insolent intensity to affront Ashantis aimlessly. He transparently said: “Individuals of the Ashanti beginning have issue with letters L&R”.

All in all, Ex-President Mahama was inferring that Ashantis can’t articulate words that have letters L&R. That was not interesting in any way shape or form.

That was without a doubt an irreversible cheek from an apparently compliant pioneer! Do Ghanaians call such a person as modest and aware?

Once more, right after the public talk on the appropriateness of the proposed entombment spot of our left president Mills, Ex-President Mahama condescendingly expressed that Ghanaians who partook in the discussion both on radio, TV and surprisingly in their private homes and work places occupied with a “Pointless” talk.

I’m apprehensive, that was strange of a been labeled pioneer as unassuming, conscious, God dreading and so forth

With all due regard, Ex-President Mahama’s incessant mockery is mind blowing. He is just not modest.

Previous President Mahama, to be very legit, has an inborn inclination for mishandling the individuals who show dissimilar perspectives to his.

I recall during a discussion on the STX Housing bargain, previous President Mahama, then, at that point, Vice President, mishandled our Members of parliament who went against the arrangement.

He horribly told them: “BALONEY”. As such, Ex-President Mahama was inferring that the Parliamentarians were taking part in “silly talk”. How unusual? Humble without a doubt!

I likewise recall when the Attorney General’s office accused Kennedy Agyapong of Treason, Terrorism and decimation and previous President Kufuor unassumingly pursued for quiet, and further recommended that we ought to stay away from ‘killing a fly with a Sledge Hammer. Ex-President Mahama answered quickly and furiously: “We will kill a fly with a Bulldozer”.

Truly, that brazen comment can just come from the lips of a combative, however it ought not have come from the lips of a probably unassuming and tranquil President. To be perfectly honest expressing, Ex-President Mahama can be extremely imprudent in his proclamations now and again.

Allow us anyway to advise ourselves that we (Ghanaians) have been educated to regard the dead. So I was incredibly stunned when after the passing of Professor Mills, I heard previous President Mahama impoliticly proposing: “God in his own insight has taken the elderly person, Professor Mills away to prepare for energetic Mahama to assume control over the mantle”. How regrettable?

Also, resulting to that scandalous statement, Ex-President Mahama went toward the Northern Region and thought to some degree unjustifiably that finally ‘Northerners’ assumed control over the mantle of Presidency, since they (Northerners) were exhausted serving in the Vice Presidency post.

Truth be told, previous President Mahama, as a rule, neglects to expect the critical outcomes of his declarations.

I recollect during the 2016 electioneering effort, various noticeable Ghanaians and common society gatherings, including the then Chairman of Peace Council, Professor Emmanuel Asante and the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) rebuked Ex-President John Dramani Mahama to abstain from offering remarks considered ethnocentric against the NPP and its running mate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

“President Mahama while battling at Lawra in the Upper West Region, said the NPP won’t permit Dr. Bawumia to be their flagbearer on the grounds that the party is generally not on the side of northerners taking up such positions” (, 21/11/2016).

Previous President Mahama pontificated fairly indiscreetly: “Here and there I feel pitiful when I see a portion of our northern siblings running and furthermore doing this. They will utilize you and dump you. Allow anything to happen today and let our sibling Bawumia say he is representing president in NPP. They won’t ever give it to him I can guarantee you”.

In aggregate, Ex-President Mahama’s quite broadcasted modesty by his brassbound allies is an act, more than whatever else.

K. Badu, UK.

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