I’m stunned Media General utilized Captain Smart – Kwame Dzokoto attests

Ghanaian entertainer, TV moderator, and voice-over craftsman, Kwame Dzokoto has bludgeoned Captain Smart in a new meeting.

Addressing Kofi Adomah, Dzokoto communicated shock that Captain Smart who was suspended by Angel Group of Companies was employed by Media General.

As indicated by him, the moderator who presently works at Onua FM and Onua TV is solely after acclaim which he determines by offending pioneers.

Kwame Dzokoto said; “The other time I heard Captain Smart offending me, he was on the radio saying Dzokoto killed his ability … no, all that I do, I know why I am doing it and I have confidence in genuineness. He offended me yet I would prefer not to plunge on his case,” he said on Kofi TV.

Standing up of disillusionment over the thing Captain Smart said about him, he added that; “we should go to the police headquarters around your Fox FM work environment and check the records around there about your criminal cases. Have you heard that I have at any point had a police case?

“In the event that he is a man he should come so we talk about his cases, story by story … he said legislative issues has killed my ability, did anybody disclose to you he was going into governmental issues to bring in cash, on the off chance that you have such musings, keep it to you. Possibly that is your psyche that governmental issues is about cash.

“When they were challenging the last time, didn’t NDC individuals give you cash to proceed to share for Western media individuals? This load of things we know, me I fault my gathering for it,” he added.

Inquired as to whether he has proof to back his cases, he reacted saying;

“I have tried him, I would prefer not to go on and on about the issue, he is even not genuine to talk about government officials… I am astounded that Media General has utilized him. don’t you do a historical verification about individuals before you utilize them?

“Eii this nation as well. Take a gander at how he dealt with even his previous businesses, attempting to cut an entire domain down, Na you is it through you that Kwaku Oteng can be cut down?” he tested.

“He isn’t even skilled. The lone thing he is doing offending the old to make acclaim, you see that the new spot where they cautioned him that he can’t affront, where is he now? He is presently similar to a bird that has been beaten by the downpour. In the event that I am media General, I won’t ever utilize him,” Kwame Dzokoto said.

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