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‘I Will Tempest Parliament With 10k Individuals, In the event that You Reject Hostile to LGBT Law’ – Nana Agyemang Badu ll Cautions


The Bono Local Place of Bosses President, Osagyefo Dr. Nana Agyemang Badu ll has kicked against the LGBT people group.

Nana is known to be one of the dedicated Lords in Ghana. He is a High Adjudicator and bankroller of Aduana Football Club in Dormaa Ahenkro. Because of his administration abilities, his kin don’t play with him.

Osagyefo is a gift to the Bono Locale for his incredible aspirations. As of late, he disseminated dust canisters inside his conventional region.

He has been a promoter for neatness, as of late he has been visiting towns the Dormaa customary region.

On Thursday, October 7, he took his tidy up exercise to Amasu, a suburb of Dormaa where he assembled people to clean all soiled regions.

All things considered, he utilized the chance to communicate his disappointment on how the Counter LGBT law is taken care of.

Nana said, he will send 10,000 of his kin to Parliament on the day Parliament will banter on the bill.

He cautioned Parliamentarians who are attempting to kick against the bill.

As indicated by him, he won’t permit any individual to do a particularly corrupt demonstration in any of his networks and that, ought to there be one discovered, will be beaten savagely. He said, it would be an accomplishment in case he is detained as a result of threatening any individual rehearsing LGBT locally.

Once more, he focused on that he’s supporting Enemy of LGBT Law as different bosses, strict pioneers, minister are additionally in help.

Ghana is known to be a strict arranged nation and our ethics and culture esteems don’t uphold it. He alluded to Sodom and Gomorah in the Book of scriptures, what befallen them when they began rehearsing gayism and lesbianism.

As per him, ‘who will wed the lovely ladies and attractive men’, in case LGBT is permitted in Ghana, “that it’s a major no. Men need to wed ladies”.

He cautioned the unfamiliar international safe havens in Ghana not to meddle in the inner issues of the nation and that should quit pushing cash to certain authorities to kick against the Counter LGBT law.

The video underneath has a ton, watch as far as possible to Pay attention to what Osagyefo said.

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