#FixTheCountry: Shatta wale causes the anger of fans over ‘insensitive posts’

• The dancehall artiste has been enduring an onslaught for posting remarks that don’t uphold the #FixTheCountry plan

• Shatta wale in series of posts have reprimanded Ghanaians for the difficulties the country

• As per him, the protestors wouldn’t have passed on in the event that they had remained in their homes

Shatta wale isn’t thinking that its simple with web-based media clients who have marked him uncaring for certain remarks he made in response to the killing of certain nonconformists at Ejura in the Ashanti District.

Clearly disturbed by his tirades, these people have thrashed Shatta for favoring one side with the public authority, particularly when many are lamenting over the difficulties in the country.

Furthermore, they have marked him inhumane for not sympathizing with Ghanaians over the homicide of a FixTheCountry dissenter and two other people who exhibiting over his the demise of the campaigner.

To some web-based media clients, Shatta Ridge’s inability to join his partners who are standing up against late happenings in the nation is an approval of the ‘conflicting and confounded’ label forced on him by Arnold Asamoah Baidoo

Scores of VIPs have taken to online media to communicate their mistake in government for sitting reserved while the nation is being tormented with emergencies including the horrifying homicide of the FixTheCountry dissenters, however it seems the dancehall artiste suspects something.

As far as he might be concerned, the public authority ought not be censured for such things adding that, the protestors caused their own demise out of sheer obstinacy.

“Let us not disillusion our folks, sweethearts and lady friends just to proceed to battle somebody’s battle and go to jail. We don’t need battle in Ghana. The hashtag ought to be #Youcandobetter not #Fixthecountry. Cuz on the off chance that they begin fixing from Paga same individuals go whine. The harshness in your heart will not go anyplace, it will occupy your beneficial things throughout everyday life. You can battle however you may bite the dust and will not win anything. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to kick the bucket youthful? You have the strength and psyche. Begin winning for yourself now. At the point when you needed to illustrate, individuals said no, presently look. I fixed myself into the music business by purchasing a sound card and a PC to play konko beat and my konko beat gave me the stage I have today. What konko chime have you done !! or then again your eye open an excess of abi. Think,” he composed on Facebook

The Shatta Development supervisor likewise requested that residents halt from the superfluous grievances and not depend on government to settle each sort of need.

“Taught tricks and baffled alumni saying #FixTheCountry. Fix yourselves modest scholars. Young men and young lady dey online dey make am. You dey there dey focus on lawmakers. Go pay attention to Bounce Marley and Fortunate Dube. On the off chance that you say the president isn’t working, you know the way to his home. Ordinary Akufo-Addo, Mahama. You have recently disclosed to yourself somebody needs to take care of you before you continue onward throughout everyday life,” he expressed

His remarks have since brought about the fierceness of the ‘generally unsettled’ residents who have overwhelmed his Facebook account with affronts and dangers

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