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Examinations Begin As Wicked Armed Robbers Set Their Victim Ablaze After Serious Robbery


It was anything but a decent sight at Bakanoo in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis of the Western Region when two furnished looters raged one of the thruways in the evening. Their objective was to deny drivers of their vehicles and the properties of travelers. They halted one of the vehicles and advised the driver to send them to Komfo Ase in Sekondi.

The honest driver obliged and while on their way, they halted the driver at the burial ground and requested that he hand over the vehicle to them later they have denied him of his cash. They had gallons which sadly were containing petroleum and promptly poured it on the driver. Before long that, they set the driver burning while he was in the vehicle.
The vulnerable driver needed to move out of the vehicle rapidly to save his life. Luckily for him, different vehicles came around and saved him by pouring additional water from the nearby local area on him. The two equipped looters attempted to escape with the vehicle however time expire on them and chose to dart later the group began coming to the scene.

The consideration of the group was first to save the driver and that made the outfitted burglars flee from the scene. The driver who has supported genuine injuries has been conceded to the Effiankwanta Regional Hospital getting treatment. He should have been visible lying on one of the beds of the Hospital with gauzes and material all around his body to treat the injuries.
An observer, Otto Mediruse who affirmed the occurrence to BeaNana showed that they, sadly, couldn’t meet the furnished burglars at the scene. He says the young in the space would have brought the laws into their hands and killed the furnished burglars. They have since committed to guarantee the youthful equipped burglars whose ages are around eighteen years will be captured. The Police order has additionally assumed control over the issue and examinations have started.

arm robber

Meanwhile, inhabitants along the street where the occurrence happened have approached specialists to introduce streetlamps nearby. Equipped burglars have been stowing away in the space looting individuals around evening time because of obscurity. They accept that the equipped looters couldn’t have struck assuming the lightning framework in the space was great.
The huge issue is the manner by which eighteen-year-old youngsters chose to design a theft to the degree that they needed to set their casualties burning later they had denied him of his cash. This can also be appalling for the driver and his family. They might have killed him all the while.

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